Gas Appliance Check-up

Monessen Aged Hickory Vent Free Gas Logs

Monessen Aged Hickory Vent Free Gas Logs


To ensure safety and performance, an annual service is recommended for your gas appliance.  

Below are services included in our annual service checkup. 

1. Remove clean and inspect gas logs.

2. Remove clean and inspect burner assembly.

3. Clean and inspect pilot assembly to ensure it is operating correctly and pilot is burning cleanly.

4. Inspect the thermopile.

5. If a remote is installed verify it's working correctly

6. Clean the glass or glass doors.

7. Reassemble burner and logs and relight pilot light.

8. Verify the burner lights correctly and burns at the proper flame height.

8. Check for to verify there are no gas leaks inside fireplace.

9. Paint the inside of the fireplace for an additional fee

The technician will advise you on any repairs or replacements that may need to be done.

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